Taste the Perfect


Everyone on this earth has his own personality, so as coffee.

Coffee beans from different birth places have different characteristics.

No coffee in this world is unpalatable. To an experienced barista, there is no flavour that cannot be optimized.

The embedded five different tastes will gradually assist you in realizing how to let your life grasps a cup of knowledge with this unique aroma


Dance with coffee – Do you think you truly understand that coffee you are holding right now?


Legends says coffee was discovered by a young Ethiopian shepherd, realizing these mysterious fruits can refresh his mind and fill him up with energy.

Now, coffee can be said as one of the most channelled drinks in the world. This unique aroma has been dominating for centuries. This course will even transform coffee making into the finest aesthetics.


Through this course,

Master the rhythm of coffee swimming between humidity and temperature. Understand how to create the distinct flavours by managing the degree of extraction blending bitter, sour, sweet, incense and density. Discover the secret of how coffee behaves like the Glass Mask. Learn that through different roasting method, different aroma can be created and, by utilizing the special coffee machine provided, unleash the ultimate beauty of every cup of coffee that you make.


To master this craft - how to use quality tools to hug yourself with the finest coffee


The course uses Italian Elektra Micro Casa Leva S1CO coffee machine, blending classic designs with traditional techniques and modern technology. The alloy boiler, applying spring tension principle with excellent insulation abilities, provides a constant-pressure extraction of coffee. Together with the aluminium alloy brewing head, they ensure the outstanding quality for every single cup of coffee produced. Creating a cup of fancy coffee, such as Cappuccino or Latte, would be easy to everyone with the exceptional quality of the insulating stainless steel steam tube. Manufactured in and imported from Italy, this coffee machine is easy to install and maintain. Extracting the phenomenal aroma of coffee will not be just a banquet for your tongue, but also an enjoyment for your eyes. The ultimate of aesthetics, the lifestyle of coffee.

Course Time: Designated Sundays 09:00~12:00

Open For: 15 years old or above

Course Price: Elementary $999/ Intermediate $1,200/ 

                          Advanced $1500

Coffee Tasting

The knowledge about this cup of unique aroma


Taste this Waltz - the process from little seeds to a cup of coffee

Giving you surprises from drinking, tasting to enjoying

Taste this concerto - The classic coffee flavours converging with creativity will get you touched, fall in love with that flavour and ultimately, crave for that particular aroma. 


Taste this symphony - the simplest  complexity

20 years of experiences will help you to craft the quality coffee

Every cup of richness, every bite of confection.

Course Time: Every Sat/Sun 10:30~12:00

Open For: Adult aged 15 or above 

Course Fee: $999/ lesson; $2,500/ 3 lessons