Crazy Board Games 

Crazy Board Games

Playing board games is closely inter-twined with the four major goals of education: Let children learn “to get along with others”, “to learn”, “to be self-disciplined” and “to be virtuous.” The social and emotional skills that children need in playing games smoothly with others, are exactly those they need in their future career. Board games not only fulfill children’s ambitions, but also suit those who strive for excellence and perfection. Board games are active activities that require both physical and mental involvement from the children. Other than using their hands, they need to utilize their brain. Often, they have to rack their brains and take on challenges, which unleash their reading skills and the power of imagination.

Course date: From designated Saturdays

Open For: Primary 1 to Primary 6 (Grade 1 to Grade 6) (Course kicks off when the sixth student registers)

Course time: 13:30~14:40

Course fee: $400/ lesson;

                       $3,000/ 8 lessons