Emperor of Fencing

One of the indispensable items of the modern Olympic Games – Fencing (Rapiers)

In early days, the use of sword was nothing more than slaughtering enemies and winning wars. Therefore, the design and techniques developed in the direction of generating significant harm promptly.


Today’s rapiers –

In formal fencing competition, modern rapiers are classified into 3 different types:  foil, épée, and sabre.

The “rapiers” we call now has long lost their original purpose in wars, as all kinds of advance weapons flourish today.

However, rapiers, as symbols for fairness and honour, were accidentally preserved till today.


Foil was invented by the Italian palace to combat without causing harms.

It is known for being light and fine. Of paramount importance, its blade is inherently blunt. Therefore, beginners often start to learn fencing with foil.


Épée was manufactured based on sword used in duel. Although it retains lots of the original features, for safety concern, the swords used in competition have blunt blades instead.


Sabre was developed in a different historical background. It was evolved from the machete carried by light cavalries, which can hack in fast assaults. As cavalries on foot use similar techniques as rapiers, it is also considered as a type of them.


Fencing, same as many martials arts, gradually transformed into a sport activity. People wear armours in competitions and put on electronic equipment on their bodies to enhance the fairness of referee. Since the first modern Olympic Games in 1896, fencing has been listed as an official program. Today, it has become one of the four programs that have never miss any single one of the Olympic Games.


Absolutely non-aggressive sport


In many movies, we can see that fencing is often depicted as being a bit elegant, yet a bit dangerous.

Actually, fencing is a historical and traditional sport. It was first discovered in ancient Egypt and then spread to Europe. At that time, fencing was an authentic combat skill. In 11th century B.C., ancient Greece started to have fencing lessons from experts. It did not transform into a modern sport until the recent few centuries. Fencing is a type of sports which stresses on confronting and solving problems through logical thinking. This training can allow kids to have more opportunities brainstorming.


As a sport that demonstrate the noble spirit, fencing is not just about competing for skills and thinking, but also about concentrating on the etiquette required during trainings, such as kissing sword, saluting and wearing mask for the competition. Fencing has a crucial meaning in the European culture. As Taiwan does not have this historical background and the equipment are expensive and rare, this fencing course is a splendid opportunity for kids.

This sport is not just beneficial for the kid’s physical development. Through teaching and training many tiny details, it will be favourable for the kid’s mental development too.



This ten-lesson introductory course can let kids learn:


 ► Movement techniques


 ► Offensive and defensive poses in real combat


 ► Basic combat concepts



Kids Promotional Course

           1) Fencing etiquette

           2) Basic poses

           3) Offensive and defensive poses drill

           4) Basic tactics explanation

           5) Combat practice