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Business Management Consulting

  1. Compensation, rewards, punishment and appraisals

  2. Staff educational training

  3. Cost management and human capital enhancement

Parent-child Culture and Creativity Business Operation and E-management

  1. IP Import for courses

    • Course development and planning

    • Client development

    • Brand image projects

Integrated Marketing Management

  1. Website channel construction and marketing

    • Facebook, official website, LINE@, ​Accupass and other recognized platforms

  2. Cross-sector cooperation

    • Venue rental, ​Course trial, baby products and parenting toys

  3. Project management

  4. Advertisement cooperation opportunities

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APP & Big Data Precision

  1. Community analysis

  2. Public opinion analysis

  3. Open Data

  4. Database construction

  5. Data analysis

Teacher Training

  1. Parent-child life series

  2. Creative cooking

  3. Plant factory – High-tech farming genius

  4. Body development – fencing and sensory integration

  5. Science and logic – Robot Dynamics

DM Arts and Publication Design

  1. CIS

  2. Micro-film planning and production

  3. Animation planning and directing

  4. Visual delivery design

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