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[Parent-child Course]

Picky Eaters Challenge - Let kids be friend with vegetables

Introduction: We hear you! Parents who worry about children’s nutrition and health!

  1. One Single Dish, Leads You to Explore the Truth of Being Picky

  2. Witness Yourself, the True Face of These Little Vegetables

  3. What!? I ate that disgusting carrot?

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都市田園生活─ 『綠色屋頂』


[Parent-child Course]

Come together, eat reassured

Introduction: With all these food safety issues in recent years, do you eat comfortably?

  1. Eat Down to Earth (Eating local and seasonal food/ living according to solar terms)

  2. You Can Actually Eat Like This (Tasting the originals of food/ Flipping the stereotype of food)

  3. Eat Tofu Hear Stories (Starting your own non-GM life/ Understanding briefly the food additives)


Turning the abandoned rooftop into a cultivable roof garden.

Relieving urban heat island effect, enhancing building’s power saving abilities

Achieving the dream of farming homes and self-sufficiency in cities

Urban function now is not just about being fast and convenient. Grow food and vegetables whenever you have a piece of green area. 

We long for

Instead of having to commute for a long distance, everyone can just enjoy the pastoral scenery and experience the fun from farming life on their own rooftop.

This will also allow residents in the community and neighbours in the building to participate in public activities within the area

This fusion of space, living, production and ecology will allow the roof to become a brand-new type of public space in cities.

Through adopting power-saving, carbon reduction and sustainable production as core concepts, the roof garden will achieve heat insulation, cooling, rainfall storage and carbon absorption these four functions at the same time. Besides, it provides creatures with a viable habitat, allows people to produce food, attains self-sufficiency and even relaxes their mind.

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