The Golden Age for Developing Their Thinking

The Weekly one-hour PMI Whole Brain Program will mark the first step for parents to relax and children to fly high stably themselves.

Do you know anything about the physio-psychological development of the seven to ten years old kids? For language, they start to understand complex sentence structure, the underlying meaning and even inference. They gradually build up their own set of logics and then explore all kinds of question. Through interaction with others, they also develop their morals steadily. 

Seven to ten years old is also the golden time to shape children’s imagination. Therefore, it is crucial to teach them to step by step, systematically plan for their blueprint of life and develop problem-solving skills. The 12 series of PMI Whole Brain Program and the Socratic teaching style will guide children to build up their logic and thinking skills through playing games. The capability to solve problems and be independent will ultimately define their heights, breadth and depth of wisdom in the future.

PMI Whole Brain Program adopts a small-class teaching system, which caps the total number of student at 20, allowing children to learn self-management and improve adaptability, as well as equipping them with their own thoughts and the competitiveness to become a leader. Establishing children’s own attitude and mental breadth will determine the heights of their life!

Regardless of how technology advances and things transform, those who can tackle problems will never be eliminated!
"The most promising successor is not the talented, but those who are good at seizing every opportunity to explore." Socrates

Course time: Every Saturday 09:30~10:30
Course fee: $6,000/ Module (completing 24 boxes)
Material fee: $600
Registration method: By phone/ leaving a message