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Children Sensory Integration Yoga

Taiwan is now highly urbanized with limited living space, which undermined children’s opportunity to play and stretch freely. Therefore, lots of children encounter problems such as sensory integration disorder and allergic weak physique. Through stories and music games, sensory integration yoga can lead the children to complete asana in a relaxing way and obtain the excitement and body coordination out from it! Sensory integration yoga is not just a physical activity. It includes enhancement to the physical health, mental health and the sensory integration.

Course Introduction

★ Course Features


  1. Enhancement for the body:

Asana can strengthen the growing kids’ skeletal muscle, foster muscle development, improve immune system and stimulate endocrine to improve their physical strength, and help relieve indigestion and allergic flu. Among all, those gross motor poses will also help to improve the development of proprioception.

2. Enhancement for the mentality:

This course includes lots of breathing and meditation games. Breathing exercises can improve respiratory systems and relieve allergy problems. Along with some simple meditation practice, it can stabilize children’s unrest and reduce their negative emotions. Staying calm allows children to improve their creativity and attention level in the learning environment, sharpen their problem-solving skills and get prepared for future obstacles.


3. Enhancement for the sensory integration:

If children do not have a proper development in sensory integration, it may affect their concentration, sense of balance, organization, abstract thinking, study and may even result in unilateral specialization of body or brain. Through asana and games, kids can obtain balanced adjustment and development in senses including visual, auditory, gustation, olfaction, tactile, vestibular and proprioception, which will ultimately let them to be healthy, calm, attentive and happy!

Instructor Experience

IKYA certified instructor

Graduated from Kids Yoga Teaching Program at Private Chinese Culture University

Internationally recognized YogaFit L1+L2+L3 instructor

Internationally recognized YogaFit restorative yoga course

Internationally recognized YogaFit yoga anatomy

Internationally recognized AFAA Aromatherapy massage yoga

Internationally recognized AFAA CPR+AED

[Basic Life Support] (BLS) Instructor

Target Audience

2~6 years old kids

Course Fee

$300/ lesson;

Discounted price $2,500/ 10 lessons; With a free Lego car valued $350

Class Time

Sat 10:00~11:00, 11:10-12:10

Classroom Introduction

Provide sufficient multiple sensory integration (vestibular sense, proprioception and tactile) to stimulate brain’s learning potential