King of Table Tennis

Table Tennis is a popular ball game around the world.

“Table tennis”, means tennis on a table.

“Ping-pong ball” this name was originated from 1900, named as it sounds “ping pong” during the game.


Table tennis was stemmed from tennis.

It was started in Britain at the end of the 19th century. Europeans back then were very obsessed with tennis. However, because of the venue and weather constraints, they moved tennis indoor. They used the dining table as the court and gradually developed a new sport, table tennis, which was then listed as an official program in the 1988 Summer Olympic Games.


Techniques and Tactics

Table tennis is a sport that extensively challenge player’s techniques and tactics. For instance, technique is about the offensive positions, racket types and contact points. Tactics is about an integrated utilization of techniques: by considering the environment and the opponent’s physio-psychological state, select proper techniques to defeat the opponent. A typical tactical consideration would be picking on opponent’s tired hand, conducting a knuckle service to tempt him to return a high ball, then constantly attacking opponent’s backhand until he makes a fault or standby to attack his forehand.

Therefore, table tennis is a sport which can stretch kids’ mental thinking abilities.