Venue Rental


Greenkid Educational Institute is located near Exit 4 of the Nanshijiao Metro station. Apart from the nearby diverse transportation network and its parking convenience, the surrounding environment also provides complex living functions such as dining, recreation and shopping, constructing a well inter-connected network. Based on the concepts of parent-child culture and creativity, we created courses like baking, coffee making, creative arts, table tennis and fencing. Aiming at promoting the “Green rooftop” concept, we also started to provide agricultural courses to build up our own roof garden, hoping to add colours to Taipei’s urbanized life. Even more, we hope this elegant, relaxing, humanistic environment, compounded with professional equipment planning, will allow comers to experience “Learning as an enjoyment, self-growing as another type of happiness!”

Limited rental purpose: To organize education-related courses, studies, academic presentations, conferences, shows, filming and celebrations.